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Dear Sheridan Softball Participates,


I’ve coached Sheridan softball teams since 2010, when my 14 year-old daughter started playing at age 7.

I’ve coached my 9 year-old daughter’s Sheridan teams since 2015, when she started playing at age 6.


Sheridan softball teams initially formed around 2006. Typically, fielding 2 teams in 2 age groups

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Sheridan has never had enough players and teams to form a Sheridan “house” league. Rather, Sheridan has participated in a West Side softball league with teams from Hoyne, Harrison, Dvorak, and Livingston Parks. Maintaining interest and participation has always been challenging for all the parks.  I’m grateful that the West Side league has existed, and that my daughters have been able to play.


However, Sheridan’s participation in the West Side league has not been ideal. Many people put in a lot of time and effort to sustain the West Side league, but it does not provide a high-quality softball experience, that would be the equivalent of the Sheridan boys baseball “house” league experience.


Oz Park softball is an established league, that provides players a high-quality softball experience. The "house" softball league is comprised of 3 age divisions.

8U          9/1/2009 – 8/31/2011

10U        9/1/2007 – 8/31/2009

14U        9/1/2003 – 8/31/2007


Each “house” league is comprised of as many as six teams, and games will be played on Saturdays at Oz Park and Sheridan Park (and other parks as needed)


Sheridan softball reached out to Oz Park to align with an organization that can provide Sheridan players a better softball experience


Sheridan is grateful Oz graciously welcomes our girls into its league, and Oz welcomes the opportunity to bring a high-quality softball experience to Sheridan Park


Michael Nelligan